We have all seen the devastating result of brush fires. We can help keep you safe!!

Above & Beyond Tree Service has been clearing brush for 20 years. We have the experience, we know the codes, and we work closely with the local fire departments to keep you safe.


Have you received a notice of non-compliance from the Fire Department about your home/business property?

Call Above & Beyond today, and our knowledgeable staff will help you deal with this notice.

One of the requirements of the Fire Department for a homeowner is having brush clearing done on their property.

It also helps prevent wildfire.

With the fines that are now in effect for CA, preparing your land to the requirements of the states is necessary.

Our crews are fast and English speaking. We have all the equipment and machines to cut, remove and clear brush.

Whatever type of land you have. Our team can reduce threats of wildfire in the city and the surrounding areas.

Our highly effective crew is trained for every aspect of fire reduction and prevention.


Summer Fires are a substantial threat because of hot and dry summers.

To prevent these fires, the Fire Department requires property owners to maintain their yard to help prevent wildfire within the colder months.

Above & Beyond will transform your property into a clear land within one day.

Once your property is clear from the overgrown brush, your property will become more usable again.

You can also eliminate the risk of becoming a habitat for ticks, snakes and other pests.

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